1914 Golden Sunbeam 28″ Gentleman’s Bicycle (3-Speed Hub Gear)

1914 Golden Sunbeam 28″ Gentleman’s Bicycle with Three Speed Hub Gear

Frame Number 129035

(Now sold)

I purchased this large-framed Sunbeam from Christine. Her husband had been secretary of the local Rolls Royce Club until he passed away in 1999, and this bike, being his regular mount, was the only one of his vintage bicycles that she had retained.

As these Sunbeam machines were commonly known as the ‘Rolls Royce of Bicycles’ I can see why an RR club official would have been attracted to it.

The enormous size of the 28″ Sunbeam, which was available only to special order, gives it a very aristocratic appearance.



The three-speed rear hub can be seen below.

Although not named in the catalogue, I believe they were manufactured by BSA.



The gear trigger for the three speed is a unique design. Compare it with the illustration in the catalogue.





This Sunbeam sports an attractive period bell.

Everything is to the original specification on this bicycle. It had been repainted some time ago, but we’ve rubbed it down to reveal much of the original box lining.










The Brooks Gents B73 saddle is in good condition. (Brooks also made a Lady’s B73 saddle, which you can see on the 1914 Royal Ladies on the next page).

Original 1914 pedals are very hard to find, so it’s lucky that this bike has them!

Often, as bikes were used over the years, various accessories were added. The reflector on the rear mudguard is actually later than 1914, but it’s an attractive accessory, so I’ve left it there.

These photos were taken by the shelter at the end of the promenade on Hove seafront.