1911 Golden Sunbeam for Ladies (Green Enamel)



While later catalogues listed an option for the ‘Golden Sunbeam All-Green’ – the 1915 catalogue shows the company charged one guinea for the privilege – in 1910 and 1911 green was the standard colour for the Golden Sunbeam for Ladies. This example does not disappoint.

By the way, to compare prices in 1914 with those of a century later, an easy approximate guide is to multiply by 100.

The 1910 price for this bicycle was 14 guineas – £1414. Hardly a bicycle for commuting to work, then.

An extra guinea in 1915 for green paintwork on your new Sunbeam would have been the equivalent of £110 today.

With such high prices for bicycles before WW1, you can see why they were treasured by families of the original owners. This one suffered minor neglect: the three-speed gear was missing some parts, I had to replace the handlebar grips, saddle, pedals, brake rubbers, tyres, and cord on the skirtguard. This is normal. It has now been serviced and is ready to ride.


1911 Golden Sunbeam for Ladies

Finish: Sunbeam Green Enamel; Lined in Real Gold Leaf

Sturmey Archer Model FX Three-Speed

Roman Rims 

23″ Frame

28″ Wheels