1932 Sunbeam 24 Inch Roadster

1932 Sunbeam 24 Inch Roadster

Sturmey Archer ‘ Model K’ 3-Speed Gears

with Sunbeam Gear-Trigger

28 x 1 1/2 Wheels

Unrestored Original Paintwork

New Tyres & Tubes

Mechanically Restored & Ready to Ride

This fine old Gents Sunbeam belonged to my friend Tony. He restored it mechanically, but left the paintwork original, which is how we prefer our bikes.

Tony took it on many rides. But now he has his eye on another old bike, so it’s time for a new owner to cherish this lovely Sunbeam.

I think these photos should show you everything you need to know. The only thing I noticed when I inspected it is that the cover on the gear-case behind the pedals has been pop-riveted in place.

This vintage Sunbeams is nearly 80-years-old. But this machine is so well made that it easily has a further 80 years of riding left in it.