Clincher Tyres

Clincher Tyres

The advertisement above is interesting in that it combines two products, Sunbeam bicycles and Clincher Tyres. Both were launched in America in the late 1890s, a boom time for both bicycle and tyre manufacturers. This was also the beginning of the advertising industry as we now know it. In America and France in particular, full colour posters used dynamic messages and pictures of women to launch products …with such success that they transcended mere adverts to become a new artistic genre. Adverts in Great Britain (below) were somewhat staid by comparison.

I don’t have Clincher tyres on the 1901 Sunbeam; but I have at least managed to add a brass Clincher tyre inflator.



Though Great Britain didn’t have the artistic colour posters, thanks to companies such as The North British Rubber Company we did at least have humour in our ads…



Castle Mills, Edinburgh, Scotland